Infertility investigations

The woman and her partner should be present at the initial evaluation for infertility. The doctor will obtain a full clinical history from the couple and then proceed on to a physical examination. The initial investigations that need to be performed will be based on these assessments. Sometimes, the cause of the infertility may be found at this visit. Further evaluation and clinic visits may be necessary for other couples. It may take several weeks. This is because some of the tests may have to be repeated for verification at different specific times in her menstrual cycle. The initial workup of a man usually can be done faster, because men have no monthly cycles and because there are fewer tests for men.


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Saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS)

Saline infusion sonohysterography (SIS) is also sometimes called saline infusion hysterogram (SHG). It is an investigative procedure to assess the uterus cavity to ascertain the shape and look for any abnormalities within it. It incorporates an ultrasound scan and instillation of sterile fluid into the uterus to show the uterine cavity and endometrial layers. With the use of an ultrasound scan, the uterine wall and the ovaries can be visualized as well.

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