What is maskne?

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Article contributed by Dr Ch’ng Chin Chwen
Consultant Dermatologist, Subang Jaya Medical Centre

1. What causes maskne?

Maskne is acne caused by the mask, due to the heat and dirt trapped under the mask and the friction between our skin and mask as we talk and as we take the mask up and down.

2. How does acne impact our daily life?

Acne is uncomfortable, it is not only unsightly but can be itchy or even painful as well.

3. What will happen if we don’t treat acne?

If left untreated, acne leaves pigmentation and scars. Some of these scars can be permanent, affecting a person’s self-esteem, giving poor self-image, and is associated with anxiety, depression and even suicidal risk. Acne is not a trivial problem, studies have shown that it impacts the quality of life as great as chronic illness such as diabetes or heart disease.

4. How do I stop acne breakouts?

We cannot change our genes or skin type, but we can certainly take good care of the skin that we live in with good skincare practices. It is also important to reduce sugar intake, make sure you have good food, good sleep, good mood every day. Avoid hot/humid/crowded areas which are also good practices to keep ourselves away from Covid-19.

5. What are the recommended skincare tips to reduce and prevent maskne?

I would recommend 3 simple steps. Use only a gentle skin cleanser which is soap-free that will not strip off the skin’s natural oil, use a non-comedogenic sunscreen and moisturizer to reduce inflammation and build a good protective barrier towards acne eruption.

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